View Full Version : Please help with laptop sound issue g46******

01-08-2014, 11:23 PM
Hi all. I am having an issue with the sound (speakers) of my Asus G46. If I close the laptop for an extended period of time (usually overnight) the sound does not work when I open it back up. If I go into the tasks and close all of the tasks that may use sound, it starts working again. I have tried contacting Microsoft because I thought it may be a Windows issue and they couldn't fix it. I just tried chatting with Geek Squad and they suggested trying to plug the headphones in to see if the sound in general worked, which it did, After unplugging the headphones, the speakers worked again. The Geek Squad tech thought it was maybe a loose wire that has an intermittent short and that maybe the act of opening it causes the wire to move and them the typing of the keys while closing the programs caused the wire to connect again. I think this is VERY unlikely, especially given that I can walk around with it, and move it, and even close the cover for a short period with no issues, I do have an appointment to leave it at Best Buy on Saturday but REALLY hate to do that if I can avoid it. Can anyone offer some advice or any thoughts on what this might be? I would be very appreciative of any help you can give.