View Full Version : Looking for a LVDS Cable

01-10-2014, 06:00 AM
I had recently had my wifes laptop warrantied about a year ago. Asus for the keyboard not working and from the RMA they replaced tons of parts seems there is tape on the mobo holding connections. I really don't have the money to send it in for reipar for probably a cheap part and I build pcs as a hobby so I am very tech saavy. I need to find a LCD Cable 1422-016a000 for a 2d G75Vw. It was a Best Buy model. Its has been a great laptop even though it was a display it has had issues. The latest being the black screen with backlight on. Warranty is out so I took it apart. On inspection of the cable plugging it in a certain way more of the screen works. I know its not a GPU issue as the other display outputs work and the laptop boots. I just need this cable to fix the issue I have the old one off. Does anyone know where to get one?