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01-13-2014, 05:32 PM
Hello guys!

I'm a /proud/ owner of an Asus G75VW coming from a faulty G53JW (Back in 2010). My first Asus had several problems, and now this 14 month old unity is starting to show it's first problems.

HDMI isn't working.

What I've done to test

Notebook was plugged into an Asus V246H Monitor through HDMI. Stopped working out of the blue.

notebook HDMI -> monitor HDMI = nothing
notebook VGA -> monitor VGA = working
different HDMI cable, notebook HDMI -> monitor HDMI = nothing
notebook HDMI -> TV HDMI (46" LED SONY) = nothing
RASPBERRY PI HDMI -> monitor HDMI = working
Nvidia drivers were removed and installeda again = nothing.
Tested on Ubuntu, Debian and Windows 7 = nothing.
Cable connected before turning on notebook, monitor already on and plugged = nothing.

This is an unity bought in Canada, back in 10/2012, and is currently out of warranty. I've moved to Brazil and Asus here says they won't fix out-of-warranty notebooks. That's the support that people who pays more than $1.5k on their products get?


01-14-2014, 03:29 AM
please send me the messge, i will ask Brazil, maybe you need pay money to repair.
send me your 1. name 2. Phone 3. SN 4. RMA or Case ID 5. E-mail, i will pass and ask Brazil, thanks.