View Full Version : G55VW-DH71 - Thunderboldt and USB3 will not work at the same time!

01-15-2014, 06:31 PM
I am running a Asus G55VW-DH71

I run 1 BlackMagic Design Intensity Shuttle USB 3 box & 1 BlackMagic Design Intensity Shuttle Thunderboldt. These are video capture boxes where you can plug HDMI into it from another computer. I use these to mix the two video signals in a program called Resolume Avenue to mix the two video signals, not recording the video, just mixing it.

The thunderbolt Shuttle works fine on it's own with nothing else plugged in and after a fresh reboot.. Same with the USB3 box - works fine on it's own with nothing else plugged in.. but once you try to use the Thunderbolt and the USB 3.0 are plugged in, only one will work/ display video.

Before I bought it I asked if the USB3 and the thunderbolt were on the same bus..

Here is what they said:
"USB3.0 and Thunderbolt aren't on the same Bus. Unlike Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 does
not feature native support for any video bus or display standards."
"Also wondering- With the ASUS G55VW-DH71- Are all 4 of the USB3.0 ports on the
same Bus? Or are 2 on one and then 2 on the other?"
"No, 2 USB3.0 ports on one bus and then 2 on the other bus. "

So it seems like this should all work, very disappointment I spent all this money on the laptop only for it to not work. I have even tried disabling the Webcam and Bluetooth, still I can only get one to work at a time.. What is bottle-necking this? Does anyone know of any ways to optimize things to get this to work? I have nothing else plugged in but the TB shuttle and the USB3 shuttle. Both being fed only 720p video from two other laptops. These see the BM boxes and the BM software sees two boxes, but only one will actually show video. Did upgrade the hard drive to a Intel SSD..

Any help would rock