View Full Version : G75VW CPU Temperatures- how hot is too hot?

01-21-2014, 07:29 PM

So I don't game on my G75VW, but I do use it for a lot of photo-editing with Photoshop Lightroom 5. Often, when I'm exporting my photos from the program, my CPU temperatures jump to the mid-upper 60's (Celsius)--I don't think I've hit above 70, but I'm not sure.

Is this ok--will it lead to my G75VW dieing earlier than it should? My graphics card is fine, it stays around 50 C or lower when I'm working, and the CPU is normally around 50-55 C as well, sometimes lower.

I do have my warranty still, but only until late May. I really don't want to RMA if I can avoid it because I've seen other people have issues with ASUS fixing one problem, and screwing up something else so that it has a new issue when it comes back. I don't want that--in addition I have my SSD in it and I am not going to wipe my system just so they can re-paste the CPU.

So yeah, based on the above, are my temps ok, or should I RMA, and if I do RMA, how do I ensure it isn't screwed up by ASUS (sorry to the support guys on here, I've seen ASUS RMA before though and had my own issues on past notebooks).



01-22-2014, 05:51 AM
Well maybe a little high. What do you get under 100% stress test if your pasting is going bad it should show up in a stress test. I use Burn In Test (http://www.passmark.com/products/bit.htm) I'm sure there are other programs out there. My CPU under full 100% stress only got up to the low 80's on a 15 minute run.
My Ambient temp here 24C my CPU Idles around 40C and works up to 60's working hard normally it never get much over 50's. I don't game so can't help you there.

01-22-2014, 06:48 AM
are you hear your fan sound to loud, seem like speed fast? i think you temp is ok. no need to RMA.