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01-23-2014, 12:10 PM
Hi guys! I have a g750vx series laptop with,
CPU - i7 3630 2.4ghz/3.4ghz
RAM - 8gb
GPU - 670gtx 3gb

Im having an issue and am i hoping some of you awesome guys can help me? Maybe theres some sort of tweaks. Im running the latest GPU driver, im plugged in, on high performance power option.
i usually avg 30-40. any help?

01-23-2014, 03:34 PM
you mean you have G75VX?, G750VX does not exist. and I think your laptop should run Battlefield 4 from medium to High without problem...anyway what is your issue you're having with battlefield 4 on your laptop?

01-23-2014, 04:56 PM
i do not recognize that brand and that configuration at all ... g750 are packed with gen 4 Haswell processor, perhaps you mean the G75?

01-23-2014, 06:20 PM
yes g75vx. sorry. and i was just wondering if i would be able to run it on ultra with 45+fps, with my system specs, and if there was any little options to get me to that point.

There is no issue really. At the moment im playing on ultra with AA off and i average 30's fps occasionally it will jump to 40s

01-23-2014, 08:16 PM
its good to hear that G75VX can run battlefield 4 on ultra settings...and you can also try to enable AA on and see how much fps you can get. currently my laptop is G750JX and I am also running battlefield 4 on ultra with all maxed settings.

01-23-2014, 09:01 PM
if you really want it to run at 45+fps
then look at Dreamonics comment

and pm him for the volt mod able VBIOS

01-24-2014, 04:15 AM
Hello guys!

I made a great BF4 FPS CFG. You can try. I hope will be helpful ;)

BF4 FPS CFG: http://wiwgaming.com/site/bf4-fps-cfg/

BF3 FPS CFG: http://wiwgaming.com/site/bf3-fps-cfg/