View Full Version : Asus G750JW Display shows weird colours.

01-23-2014, 11:46 PM
Hi, I'm new to this community so I hope I put this post in the right section.
I bought an Asus G750JW about 2 weeks ago and about 1 week ago, my problem begun.
When I was playing World Of Warcraft I saw how my screen became somewhat darkener, first I thought my mind was just playing tricks and I tried to turn up the brightness but it was already on max so I decided to just let it go.
Then one day I was playing BattleField Bad Company 2 and I played on 1 map where the colours where to bright, I tried fixing it on the settings ingame but then my friend said I should try changing it in nvidia controllpanel instead and so I did.
Then after a while when I had mixed things around, like I've done several times on my regular desktop, the colours almost dissapeard completely, leaving the game to be completely grey-white.
Of course I thought it was just the settings from nvidia controll panel who made it like that as I had been messing around with gamma etc but when I tried to change it back, it was still way, waay off than it was before. I restored the settings to nvidia standard but weird enough the screen was now somewhat grey green, like most of the colours was washed away.
After hours of trying different things like colour calibration, searching for solutions on the internet etc I decided to reinstall the drivers.
Wich didn't fix the problem either.
After that I shut down the pc, booted up and spammed F8 until it let me restore the laptop to factory settings. So I did, it took surprisingly around 3 hours wich was pretty long as it didnt have much games and programs in it. Maybe it was because I did a full recovery I don't really know, but the issue still remained.
The weird part is that when i connect my laptop to my tv or another display, the colours are exactly like they should be. It's just on my laptop display that they are way off.
I tried uninstall Asus splendid as I read somewhere that it might cause some colour issues, don't know if it was the same issues I had but I did and it didn't fix it. Also reinstalled it but didn't help either.
It's not only when ingame or in desktop I can see it, but also when watching videos on youtube. I watched the same video as my friend did right next to me on his pc and it looked completely different.
Don't get me wrong it's not like all colours are gone, but they are not normally, instead of something that should be orange, it's more lika green yellow colour. It's also like games doesn't have their filters on when watching from my laptop display as for example Bad company doesn't have that brown filter on Heavy Metal but it does when I use hdmi cable and plug it into another screen.

01-24-2014, 05:45 AM
I feel like I'm having a similar issue, with the G750 JX.

It only started yesterday. The colours are a bit off as well. I have my window border colours as a light grey, and if the entire screen is just black/grey the grey fades to a dirty yellowish grey, but if I swap over to a bright window, say Win-explorer, the grey brightens back to normal.

Basically, the whole monitor looks like it's adapting it's hue/colour depending on what's on the screen at the moment.

Wondering what's up as well cause it irks me that the colours are off. Only noticed that it had started, yesterday, I've had this laptop since August. Colours are fine on an external monitor.

01-24-2014, 09:44 AM
Try disabling splendid video enhancement.

Apart from colour problems is anyone receiving brightness fluctuations, for example getting brighter randomly then darker?


01-29-2014, 07:19 PM
Yes Sayid I got that problem too, should I return it or not?