View Full Version : G73Jh Not Powering Up

01-26-2014, 07:50 PM
My Asus G73Jh won't power up any more. Before it reached this point there was a message "You may need to replace your battery" so I bought a new battery online, but that did not fix the problem. It still won't power up. It's under 3 years old but out of warranty. Both the battery and power supply have been replaced a few times. Neither was very old.

One more thing which may or may not be related. Not long ago (bout a month) it was having some issue when the screen woulg go dark for 5-10 secs. Then it would come back and go dark and come back and go dark. It would do this for a minute or two and then fix itself and act normally. This happened about once a day only, so I kind of got used to it.

Any suggestions? I could try buying a new power supply next. I am not a handy type that could go inside and fix things myself, nor am I knowledgeable about hardware.

01-27-2014, 05:32 AM
can you check you power adapter is normal? if not, i think you will be replace new power adapter, alos it maybe MB power jack porblem.

01-27-2014, 05:21 PM
I'm not sure how to check this. The light on the adapter is on, but I don't have another G73J to test with. Is there any way to test?

01-27-2014, 09:12 PM
I'm not sure how to check this. The light on the adapter is on, but I don't have another G73J to test with. Is there any way to test?

Just to be clear you might want to confirm if you are getting power but no video, or just a dead system with no power at all and no lights, etc.

If you are really getting 'no power'/dead system, assuming this part of the hardware is working okay, check for a battery charge light when the notebook and battery are plugged in.
Try to gently wiggle the power cord if you don't see a battery charge light to see if the the light comes on sometimes which could indicate a bad connection although you still need to determine if the problem is with the power cord or power jack in the notebook.

Also, the system should power on without the battery although you want to make sure nothing gets near the exposed battery contacts.

Feel free to continue troubleshooting, but if you wish and are located in the U.S., you can also contact ASUS and arrange to send it back for out-of-warranty repair:
It depends on your situation, but if it makes sense for you, consider putting the money into a new system with warranty rather than an older system without warranty (I work for ASUS though and might be a little biased).
If you're concerned about data, you should be able to get an external USB hard drive housing to connect your old hard drive (assuming it's okay) and transfer the data to another system if this helps.