View Full Version : G74SX Slowdown

01-29-2014, 01:37 AM
Hello forums,

I seem to be having a little problem that I can't seem to fix on my own. I bought this G74SX almost 2 years ago (which for the record comes with the gtx 560m), and was quite satisfied with its performance, despite the fact that I haven't installed any of the optimized drivers that I've seen on the forums (though I got rid of the bloatware). However, I've noticed some issues with its performance.

The gaming performance noticeably decreased, as I'm often forced to lower the graphics settings on the games that I play (over time). I suspect the Nvidia driver (which is currently at version 331.65).

It might be important to note that I've changed a few things, most importantly I installed Mountain Lion (as dual boot) and I've swapped the wireless card for an Atheros AR9825.

Aside that there's also the freezing bug that I've seen around the forums which I can usually remedy by opening the CD drive.

What's the current "best"/"optimized" driver for this gpu/laptop combination? Can partitioning the hard drive affect the computer's performance? Is there a list of optimized drivers for this particular model anywhere (an up to date list if possible)? Do I need to go as far as to formatting?

I'd really appreciate it if someone can help me out with this. I'll provide any specs needed, just mention what tool to use to get them.