View Full Version : G75VX-DH72 3D Conversion?

01-29-2014, 08:57 PM
I have the G75VX-DH72 with the FHD Display (1920x1080) and Nvidia 670M Graphics Card. Now the LCD is very very badly broken, so bad the front LCD bezel is shattered too, I think the rear cover is salvageable but it's dented.
I talked to FutureShop about getting it fixed and they told me it's not covered by warranty (paying extra for the accidental damage coverage is a load of crap apparently) so it's going to be about $800 all in to get it fixed. SO I've decided it's time to void my warranty since it's useless anyway and I want to buy all of the components to convert it to 3D.

From what I've found so far, the LCD's aren't much far off in price, it's about $100 for the HD+ (1600x900), $150 for the FHD (1920x1080), and $200 for the 3D FHD (3D 1920x1080), now I know I need a 3D emitter to tell the glasses 3D is enabled so they'll function properly. I don't know where this 3D emitter goes? Do I need a 3D LCD Bezel? Or does the emitter go somewhere else in the laptop?
Another concern is that the HD+ and FHD screens use a 40pin connector cable, the 3D FHD uses a 50pin connector. Will the motherboard support this new cable since they are all "3D Compatible" or do I need an actual different motherboard to make this work? Are there conversion cables to attach the 50pin 3D display? Or perhaps a 50pin connector that is compatible with the motherboard to replace the 40pin? (e.g., desolder 40pin/solder 50pin)

I've never actually seen a 3D G75 in person so I don't know how much different it looks but if I'm paying $800 for FutureShop to send it away to ASUS to get it fixed with a whole new 2D FHD display, I would much rather take on the battle and convert it to 3D myself for hopefully cheaper then $800.

Any detailed pictures of the 3D emitter and where it exactly goes would be a huge help, as well as the different connectors for the 3D FHD and FHD display cables.

Thanks for any help, I would really like to get this under way soon.