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02-01-2014, 01:43 AM
I am trying to find a tutorial on how to install a fresh copy of 8.1 Pro on my G750JX on a Samsung EVO 250GB SSD that I purchased off Amazon. I am going to only keep the one SSD in the laptop and remove the 2 drives that are already in there. I do not want to clone, I want to do a fresh install. I am not bothered about storage as I have a NAS and if I remove the original HDDs, I will be retaining the recovery partitions etc and everything that the laptop came with in its original state.

I have already tried to remove the original HDDs and replaced with the SSD and tried to install a Windows 8.1 Pro ISO via a USB drive. I have the official ISO and I also have a valid PRO key which is unused and ready to be activated. My laptop came with Home Premium. Only problem is, when I try to install windows, it gives a weird error which I cannot remember anymore but it have had something to do with invalid keys available for this installation something something.

I did a look up on google with the error, I should have saved the text somewhere, anyway, it seems that the OEM key that came with the laptop is hard coded to the machine in the BIOS. I have also used a software utility to find this key. All is well so far.

The only thing I am now stuck with is how the hell to install windows 8.1. Is there no way to install it with a new key? Any tricks to bypass that error in the beginning of the install? If there is a way to install with the key already in the BIOS, I would do that too, but I just need a fresh install is all and I want to do it on my shiny new SSD, this is proving to be a major issue now for me.

I am also happy to install home premium again and upgrade to Pro once installed, but I just need some guidance which I am unable to find on google. Yes there are threads for full installs, but none cover the issue with the key hard coded in the BIOS.

Many thanks.

02-01-2014, 03:29 AM
Put the HDD back in a write down the SN?
Otherwise, the HDD can be cloned to the SSD using the Samsung Data Migration Program.
There are a number of guides around: here (http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?37714-G750JW-adding-a-SSD)