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02-01-2014, 03:15 AM
I know most of these have been answered before and I did do some searching but can find an answer to my specific question. I have a g75vx with a 670mx. Is it possible to upgrade this card to a 680m or possibly 7xxm series card? also I have 1080p HD and would like to know if its possible to upgrade to 3d?

02-01-2014, 06:07 AM
Perfectly understandable, albeit most 670MX's can be OC'd well beyond the stock 680m levels of performance, the thing is swapping the ASUS 670MX to say a Clevo 680M is more complicated than say an ASUS 660M to an ASUS 670MX. It's a bit costly to upgrade to 680M, especially if not experienced with modding, could end up being one big expensive disaster. There are some chassis modifications, but it's the heatsink/heatpipe swap that may end up costing you a lot if not done correctly the very first time around; The heatpipes from the 670MX are to replace the ones on the 680M heatsink to keep it looking stock, also an upgraded AC adapter to 230W is necessary, a modded BIOS as well.

I find the 700M series paired up with Haswell chips to be the most useless configurations around for overclocking. The amount of throttling that goes on with Haswell is ridiculous from over Ivy Bridge. Disabling GPU Boost 2.0 works fine and overclocking the 700M series does net you good gains, if only the TDP issues with Haswell would stop interfering with it, at least with the G750 NB's.

The shape of the ASUS 700M series PCB's are similarly shaped from last generation, perhaps a touch wider. So upgrading to one shouldn't pose too much difficulty except for some minor changes in bends on the heatpipe and securing the card in place due to the standoffs being in a different location on the MB. Haven't heard of anyone trying it with Ivy Bridge yet in our NB's.

Since you have a VX, you also have thunderbolt. Your best option is to get a ViDOCK or custom DIY eGPU, it utilizes the thunderbolt port with supporting adapter with a desktop card configuration like a GTX680. Do note that this configuration does not allow the internal display to be used since the VX does not have native Optimus support. You'll have to use an external display with the mentioned configuration above. This would be your best alternative option for upgrading, but a costly one if you only own the NB. The drawback of using this configuration is that you do lose some CPU performance for converting/processing/outputting.

The 3D display is a 50pin connector unlike the non-3D one which is 40pin. The correct board connector is only available on 3D model MB's.
You can upgrade your current non-3D model MB to a 3D one and then order the 120Hz panel from there. It's better to just get an external monitor in the end unless you deem $450-600 is worthy for the MB/Screen upgrade. It all adds up very quickly.


If you'd like a modded vBIOS instead so you can get into the 680M levels, which is free, PM me.

02-02-2014, 01:37 AM
Looks good, I am interested in the VBIOS let me know I get you a pm

02-04-2014, 04:28 AM
I hate to be a pain and ask for a modified Vbios and that's fine if you decline. I would also like to boost the performance on my 75VX for the future so I don't have to upgrade for a few years. So I'd appreciate it if I could get a vbios as well.

02-04-2014, 07:10 PM
You bet willy, just shoot me a PM.