View Full Version : SDD upgrade and hdd docking station

02-05-2014, 06:55 PM
Hi all...
Currently I'm waiting for my 750gh to arrive so I have time to prepare for an upgrade.
My question is as follows :
1)For a ssd upgrade I'm between samsung 840 evo and crucial 500m BUT I do not know which exact version shall I pick. I mean I know that (at least here in Greece) there are desktop and laptop versions for both the brands but there are also options (cheaper I may add :) ) without stating their compatibility...Will I need brackets, cables etc or it's just plug and play?
2)I will also need a hdd docking station (I have 3 old hdd from a desktop ide & sata with some files-programs that I need )
Can someone give me options??

Ty in advance :)