View Full Version : g75vw ac problem ( no similar in the forum ) i think

02-10-2014, 04:53 PM
Greetings ... i m sorry if this topic is already in the forum but tried my best and found nothing.

i just bought my laptop 2 weeks ago and moved to another country (Lebanon) where no warranty can be aaproved for ASUS products.
My problem is that:
I slept last night using my notebook and everything was great.. but .. when i woke up .. i saw my laptop has 45% battery and tried to charge it .. when i put the charger it says " plugged in, charging " but battery still goes down until it went dead. At first when i tried to put the charger . An orange light appears for about 30 secs and then disappears . I turn on and still eats the battery .. until now it is like a rock .. nothing on . With or without the charger .

i apprecaite ur help plz coz i dont want to order for a charger online and then the problrm will be not with the charger .. so i dont wanna lose money and time for nothing.

thank u for ur patience reading my post .. and help plz .

02-10-2014, 06:38 PM
Just wondering if anything else changed before the adapter stopped working today, or if everything has been the same and working.

Your adapter may not have a power light, but check it too and plug it into another power outlet if you haven't already.

The G75VW is able to power-on and run without the battery (just make sure nothing gets near the exposed metal contacts), so try removing the battery and power on by AC adapter only to check if it's working okay.

Also, while you have the battery removed, check the input requirements for your notebook on the label in the battery bay which should be 19V, and 9.5A for the 180W AC adapter and compare with your AC adapter output rating to make sure it matches (if your AC adapter was less than 180W, that could be a reason it stopped working and make sure your new adapter meets the notebook requirements).

Hope this helps, and good luck in getting that working again!