View Full Version : g74sx for 450 $, it a good price?

02-14-2014, 06:02 PM
I got one my friend selling is rogs g74 quad core 8gb rams, for 450$, clean no scratch, just need a battery. it is a good price?

02-17-2014, 08:42 AM
Check places on the web like Amazon and Ebay to compare, but from what I saw that looks like a pretty competitive price?

If you didn't know though, no buying or selling is allowed on the ROG forums, so if you're planning to sell your unit, you will need to do this elsewhere.

02-17-2014, 11:18 AM
That looks like a good price if you ask me - provided that you account for the price of a new battery, which could be $70-$100. Get a genuine ASUS battery, it's better in the long-run.

09-12-2014, 03:40 PM
Got mine from a pawnshop for $429.00 All I had to do is get pass the face reconition password. :cool: