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Friar Donk
02-14-2014, 11:08 PM
A few days ago my ASUS G75VW's display began acting up. I get a strip of pixels mainly running diagonally across the displays that vary depending on what colors are present (ie white on a black background, black on white, etc). There are also random strips of pixels toggling on and off randomly vertically on the display. This is especially apparent during gaming or video applications, or scrolling docs or web pages. During gaming the video card also has trouble rendering objects correctly, leaving a blocky appearance.

I have reinstalled the video drivers for the NVIDIA 660M and also restored the notebook to factory state using the recovery partition. I have also attached an external display to the VGA port and the issue persists. The problem also exists when the system is booted to an alternate OS (Knoppix live CD).

I have opened an RMA with ASUS but before I send the system off for repair I was hoping someone may have some tips to perhaps address the problem.

A couple of pics indicating the problem attached.3342933430



Intel Core i7 3610QM
Windows 7 Home Premium

02-17-2014, 08:36 AM
Hi, it's the hardware problem of the screen, so please set up RMA~

Friar Donk
03-07-2014, 07:48 PM
My video issue has been fixed.

I want to comment about the RMA process and how happy I am with the repair service. I opened a support ticket on Feb 11th and we agreed that an RMA was required. I mailed the laptop on Feb 22nd and it arrived at the Markham repair facility on Feb 24th. On Feb 26th I receive a notification that my repaired laptop was shipped and the next day I had it back in my hands in full working order with new video and sound card*.

This turnaround is exceptional and Asus has my gratitude. Thanks to the individuals at Asus who assisted me: Davy@Asus, lily1_yang and gloria_yu.

*Bonus: I scribbled a note on the RMA sheet I sent with the laptop that the card reader didn't work, not really expecting it to get looked at since it was not part of the original trouble ticket and RMA. It was repaired also.