View Full Version : COM & LPT Missing?! G75VX

02-17-2014, 08:21 AM
I posted this elsewhere, but not really sure where it goes. But now I think this is the best place for it!

COM & LPT Missing?! G75VX
I am trying to restore the stock kernel to my phone, but one of the steps is that I have to change the port settings on COM1. I plug my device into USB port 1 and verify that using USBView20. So I know I am good there. Now it simply tells me to go under the device manager and select my device under the COM & LPT sub menu....that isn't there! WTF?! Ok, so I'm kind of a newb, don't be too harsh please, I get enough of that from my wife. But is there a workaround for this, or am I going to have to try another computer (that I currently don't have anyway).

I'm running the G75VX from Best Buy with the 206 bios.