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02-17-2014, 08:42 AM
Hi, I'm the unhappy owner of an Asus G75vx.

Is the Asus support always completely useless?

I sent a message to Asus support because I'm new to Asus and windows 8 (currently typing this on my old but reliable Toshiba
notebook with windows 7) asking how to turn off wifi and all he could tell me is how to turn flight mode on and off.
Flight mode disrupts all wireless connections so I took my time to explain this and all he could reply with is the if Fn+f2 doesn't work to send it to the service centre because my hardware might be faulty.

He also gave me an address for a manual for my notebook and on page 73 of the download it states to press Fn+f2 repeatedly until a drop down window appears with wifi and bluetooth. DO NOT do this if you have a broadband dongle connected to your notebook!!!!! I could not even begin to get an internet connection after doing this.
When I searched the C drive to remove all traces of the broadband dongle software (after the Fn+f2 incident) it said I needed SYSTEM permission to delete the files, what is this SYSTEM permission and why won't it let me delete files that are related to the broadband dongle?

After 2 clean reinstalls and 1 reset I still can't use the computer to surf the web (I have a connection sometimes) let alone play a game, the service rep. won't tell me any ways to check for myself if there is a hardware problem and I live 1000km from the nearest service centre.

When I try to call support number supplied to me I cannot get through until outside the service times and they refuse to help me with my notebook queries.

When I took the notebook to the store I bought it from (400km away) they would not take the notebook to send it to the service centre because I would not answer any of their questions, I do not feel as though I have to explain something that I have already sent emails about to someone who I just want to send the notebook to the service centre.

There's my long winded story so here's a few questions that someone here might be able to help me out with:

How can I check the hardware for faults?

Can anyone here tell me if I need any of the Asus crapware on my computer?

Is there any way of getting rid of the app page and the prompts to tap the screen on besides upgrading to windows 7? I keep tapping the screen and nothing happens :)

Is it normal for Asus notebooks to do a restart while you are in the middle of typing an email or watching a movie because both of these scenarios have occurred?

I'm at wits end after spending $2400 on a computer that I can't even use so any help would be very much appreciated.

02-17-2014, 02:03 PM
When I took the notebook to the store I bought it from (400km away) they would not take the notebook to send it to the service centre because I would not answer any of their questions
I suggest rethinking this position and then starting over with support help.

02-17-2014, 02:16 PM
Well as to Windows 8 and working through win 8 problems I would suggest EIightForum (http://www.eightforums.com/) to bypass the metro screen and have a start button I would suggest Classic Shell (http://www.classicshell.net/) There are a few gpedit that will bypass the lock screen also.

As to Asus software you'll need the ATK package, Wireless, LAN, and Camera Audio and Video drivers you'll find all these at Asus Support Downloads (http://support.asus.com/download/options.aspx?SLanguage=en&type=1)

Device manager would be the first place I would look for hardware issues.
You can find out a lot of information about your Notebook using HWINFO64 (http://www.hwinfo.com/download.php) including CPU and GPU temp Usage and fan speeds. Specific information on all of your hardware MB BIOS hard drives RAM just about everything about your notebook will be show in this program

Off hand from what your report using a external USB Wi-Fi dongle you most likely have a driver conflict with the onboard Wi-Fi I would remove that dongle and use your onboard Wi-Fi until you get your notebook running correctly then once all settled in try the external Dongle Fn F2 is not likely to work with your external Wi-Fi, it generally will switch you between Bluetooth and onboard Wi-Fi or turn on or off either

02-18-2014, 08:20 PM
Hi, I'm the unhappy owner of an Asus G75vx.

Sorry to hear things haven't gone better and couldn't be easier.

I work for ASUS U.S.A. and am probably a little biased, but if you want to send the notebook back to ASUS repair, support is going to want to know what kind of hardware problems you are seeing and how to catch them, so at a minimum, you want to include brief and concise information about this with the notebook (if you have sent an email about it, print out a copy, but try not to include too much irrelevant material that can cause the techs to miss the problem(s) you are reporting. If necessary, consider re-summarizing and condensing the material before printing it out).
If you see problems just using the original ASUS factory Windows installation, try to avoid introducing other things that can complicate the situation before discussing with ASUS support.

If you are having problems using Win8 or a third party USB broadband dongle, it's not usually a good idea to say too much about this if they are not related when you are reporting hardware issues. You may want to work on those other issues separately first though.
Although there could be a hardware issue with the notebook USB ports, you should be able to troubleshoot this some on your end by plugging the USB dongle into other USB ports too and plugging in other USB devices to compare with.
If you have another computer you can try, consider plugging the USB broadband dongle into a different system to make sure it works okay there.
Finally, if your broadband provider has support for the USB dongle, consider checking with them as well to make sure everything looks correct on their end, but if you can use your notebook temporarily without the broadband dongle as Clintlgm suggested, that would even be better to see if any problems appear without it.

Before you do any of this though, we may need to help you get a little more familiar with Win8 which unfortunately does take some time and effort.
Other information can be found, but if you haven't seen the ASUS Win8 user guide and don't have a copy, it's available from the ASUS G75VX download site under 'manual' (the user's manual is separate from the Win8 user's guide):

You can also try this link (click me) (http://support.asus.com/Download.aspx?SLanguage=en&p=3&s=388&m=G75VX&os=36&ft=12&f_name=e7495_Win8_User_Guide.pdf#e7495_Win8_User_G uide.pdf), or this one (http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/Apps/eManual/e7495_Win8_User_Guide.pdf) (please allow time for the manual to download).

Was trying to keep this post brief, but feel free to discuss more if you're interested.
Hope this makes sense and helps you to get a solution.

02-24-2014, 01:26 PM
Thanks for the help guys, the dongle works fine on my other computer, I tried a few other devices in the USB ports and they all work.

I took the computer to work and the wifi and LAN works fine.

I have looked through the device manager and all is well there, I am at wits end why this computer doesn't want to deal with this dongle but as I'm moving and will have an adsl2 connection soon the problem is a temporary one, but support not being able to understand a simple question and telling me to send my computer to a service station for nothing is a bit longer term.

Finding the windows button + x shortcut has made all the difference to the usability of windows 8 when you are problem solving (or trying to) and changing hardware.

On the plus side I have removed all the bloatware and put a SSD in it, hopefully that has voided my warranty and I will never have a need to contact them again.