View Full Version : Installed OS on RAIDr as Legacy Boot, my problems have only just begun!!!

02-17-2014, 08:55 PM

I've built 3 computers before and recently took the plung to upgrade my P8P67 with a Rampage IV Black Edition, new Samsung EVO SSD and the RAIDR to run my OS. I must point out that I have only dabbled in the OC world and bought the kit to bring my knowledge on.

I read all the instructions (so I thought) and installed the OS (Win7 Pro) on the RAIDR, however, neglected to follow the instruiction to enable UEFI booting. I now have a slow booting computer. So I installed the OS in UEFI onto my old Vertex 4 SSD in an attempt to run the Secure Erase on the RAIDr. I must have screwed up the Boot settings somewhat as I cannot access the Marvell Utility (Ctr-M at POST). Somome mentioned you can do this through Windows, but didn't ellaborate on how.

I am full of respect for you guy's who find such things trivial, and just maybe I'll get there some day, but at the moment would appreciate any help you can offer.