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02-19-2014, 04:31 AM
I've been nothing short of abusive of my G73 since I've had it. For 1.500$ it was slower and more expensive than my custom build desktop, was heavy and bulky, didn't run very smooth, ugly...Since I got it in mid '11, I was not singing its praises AT ALL. Then came programming, and more forced usage of the laptop, and then Windows 8, and now, 2+ years later, I'm loving this machine! And am now trying to bring it back from the dead, as it were.

As of my writing (on the machine in question), the machine is smooth. It handles everything I throw at it with little to no hesitation. But that hesitation can be eliminated for sure, so I'm on a quest to restore my prize back to a place of pristine quality. I just wanted to get some feedback from users here (if there are any users left here)...

DISCLAIMERS: My research into most areas are from about 2 years ago, when this machine was still a fresh abandonment, and people were crying to upgrade without buying the latest and greatest machine that was so much better and so more expensive...ehh. I have a huge limit on my cash, but not my time. If I can cheaply get a great result with some invested effort, then by gosh I'll do it. So I'd rather not have people come saying I should just go get a G750 or something...

TO START: The processor. All of the sites I've checked say that the Intel HM65 chipset can support certain Ivy Bridge processors. While some would push to get higher speeds and features from the top end Sandy Bridge chips (i7-28xx or 29xx), I need a balance. I'm not a super hardcore gamer. I'm much more of a desktop replacement user, so it needs to be cool and efficient when I need it to be, but also be able to pour on the power on command. In general, Ivy Bridge fits that bill, and the processor to do it?

Intel Core i7-3610qm
Ironically, this is literally just a generation gap between what I already have in my machine (2630qm). The difference is the specs and whatnot. Baseline speed boost, more efficient in the long run...and not crazily expensive. I can get a 3610m for ~150$. This processor seems to be the absolutely newest processor that hm65 will allow.

KEYBOARD: As much as I liked the kinda macbook simulation keyboard (what do you call this thing :confused:), it always ended up being very flimsy to me. I'm now typing with it in nearly pieces. I've ordered a replacement keyboard that doesn't come with a backlight, but has the ability to use one. Instead of the chicklet keys, it has normal flat caps that run edge to edge. That alone should make it a bit more to my liking. (yeah, I don't need arrows on my wasd)

WIRELESS: I was told that this laptop could connect via 4G to the internet. Yeah, that never caught on...in fact, I haven't been able to get my laptop to realize it has WiMAX since I upgraded to Windows 7 Professional shortly after getting it. Since its been kinda iffy recently, dropping networks, not working with dhcp servers on my campus, I ordered a new one:
Intel 7260HMW
I was promised BlueTooth and never had it, and instead got WiMax...that never worked. So I'm bringing BT4 and future AC compatibility to the party.

STORAGE: I had heard ALOT of hype about G73s coming with these new SSH drives that had loads of HHD space with enough SSD space to make the machine run really fast...and then was thourougly disappointed to find that I didn't get 2x500GB SSH, or SSD, or HDD...I got a measly 700GB HDD. Glad they had the decency to make it 7.2k...But all this said, I put a second hard drive in it, and after 2 solid years of use, it went bad...like, 5 bad sectors a minute bad. Got a bit worried about my documents and operating system data (using Steam, games are replaceable). And I'm looking to SSD for the answer.
SanDisk X110 64GB
I don't need more than 30GB for all my OS, programs, documents, and spare data. 64GB is plenty. I"ll keep the 700GB HDD in the second slot for Steam games and other gaming files and projects, because those WILL take alot of space.
I could go bluray...but I'd need to make it a burner to be worth it to me (as I don't do much on the end of movies), so I'll stick with the stock SuperDrive on that end.

I'll also take the time while the computer is apart to fully clean it out, and to repaste my chips.


Another reason I was initially disappointed in this laptop was its GTX 460M 1GB@128bit. That's just a bit sad. I've seen it said that a direct drag and drop 560M from the G55 series will work with slight driver modification. I've seen people do 660Ms with vbios editing. I've also seen someone manage a 770M.

I want to know exactly how we're managing these things. Those who have done it usually end up talking way over/around people in past threads, and I literally have one question: I find a generic 670M. We have an ASUS laptop that runs a 670M. How hard is it to make them talk together correctly? Even if I had to do the editing myself, where do I start, and how do I proceed? That's all I want: a 670M in my G73SW. I know the heatsink mod inside and out, I know the whole thing about .inf editing to make the drivers install. I even know how to flash the new vbios to a card via DOS...but getting these ROMs is out of the way and...generally not pleasant (post 5 times to get the chance to actually read that he wasn't even talking about your configuration).

SHORT: I'd like to put a 670M in my G73SW. Does anyone know how to go about doing so?

If I manage getting the 670M going, I can upgrade my 1600x900 display to a full HD 1080p one, finalizing the true upgrades I can perform on this platform.

I've also got some ideas about utilizing the USB line that goes to the terrible webcam in this laptop, and either running a different camera piece on it, or using it as a way to internalize another USB device...like maybe a different network card or just turning it into a plain extra USB port for adding a REAL webcam externally without taking up one of the very limited options available by default.

I also had ideas about re-running a wireless antenna to the unused back antenna port to allow a screw on or snap on type antenna to be connected for better reception (I'm in a building with terrible network consistency). That and looking more into a mod that pointed out an additional minipcie port on the G73 motherboards that could allow another device (like an extra USB hub or another bus type card, or possibly the fabled tv tuner...).

Any thoughts, ideas, comments, or information? I'd love to get them. I'm getting the core parts (the parts NOT in question) over the next few weeks, so I'd love to get as much info as possible before I have to make a decision about trying for it all or not.

02-19-2014, 06:21 AM
Hello. For cpu upgrade 2670qm or 2860qm is best you can get. I have later one and are very satisfied.
As for gpu upgrdade look at this thread: http://forum.notebookreview.com/asus-gaming-notebook-forum/745334-g73sw-modded-770m-sale.html
You will not getter better upgrade then this ever as there is so much involved in video bios modding as to get non asus gpu even recognised in g73sw.
As for other upgrades its just choice you make as they are plug and play easy.

02-20-2014, 02:14 PM
Is there a technical reason to not go Ivy Bridge? The 3610 is the latest supported processor on HM65, still fits the G2 socket, and performance wise is very close to the 2860 (for almost half the price).

EDIT: It might work, but the BIOS would need to have the CPU microcode added in...

EDIT2: I have the definite information on the Ivy Bridge thing...
An i7-3610QE embedded processor would work correctly. The QM mobile edition would not. The QE is the only IB processor that will possibly work, and I couldn't find one cheap anywhere...

03-17-2014, 10:57 PM
what made you say the QE is the only processor that would work? All the Sandy Bridge processors use socket G2, which is the same as ivy bridge. Most you would really need is an updated BIOS but sometimes through sheer luck it just works. Only way to find out for sure is to try. Dell desktops were known to be extremely limited in terms of upgrades, but I upgraded my inspiron 531 to quite extensive limits, including a new power supply (Odin GT 550w, known limit were dell-only PSUs), then a new video card (GeForce 8800GT, known limit was based on power supply and length), then more RAM (4x 2GB sticks, known limit was 1GB), then a new motherboard (Inspiron 545, known limit was it was 100% incompatible. With a dremel to cut out the IO panel, any mATX board would work) with a better processor (Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200, known limit was the 6 series Core 2 and quads),, and then yet another newer video card (GTX 260, then eventually a 560Ti).

The point is that you wont know until you try, a lot of the time companies will tell you upgrades arent possible to get you to buy a brand new computer/laptop, or buy their own upgrades. The G73 can be upgraded quite extensively, and I have no doubts that an ivy bridge processor would work just as well. But if money is a big factor for you, it may be worth it to wait to see if someone who's a bit more adventurous/loaded tries it.