View Full Version : Difference between Asus ROG G750JX-T4246H and Asus G750JX-T4199H?

02-19-2014, 10:23 PM
I have a very simple question that I hope someone can answer?

I would like to know the difference between the T4246H and T4199H (apart from price)? Depending which website you go on depends on the information displayed and the Asus website doesn't help. The online suppliers I have e-mailed have either not got back to me or have not been able to answer me. I contacted ASUS this morning and they told me that they could not give me the information and I would have to contact an e-mail, which was enquiry_uk@asus.com and that did not go through! All I want to know is the following:

1. Is the T4246H coming with 64bit Win 8?
2. Is the T4246H coming with 5400 or 7200RPM on the HDD?
3. Does the T4246H come with a DVD rewriter in the Blu-Ray combo?

You would think that getting a spec per model would be easy!!!

Thank you in advance for the community's help.

02-20-2014, 11:40 AM

I queried this with a re-seller a couple of weeks ago.

They're basically the same laptop, just with different SKU numbers. The initial differences you may see in price are just dependant on how much they buy the laptops for and how much they think they can sell them for.

The JX range your looking at started off with the G750JX-T4099H at release (here in the uk anyway) which was replaced by G750JX-T4199H which has now been replaced by G750JX-T4246H.

The spec of both SKU's are the same, you would hope that the T4246H would have any issues of the previous ones resolved but i'd have a guess that this would be unlikely.

So the choice is yours really, pay a little extra to get the latest in the same range (T4246H) or get it slightly cheaper for the same spec (T4199H).

This is how I've understood it anyway and given the advice provided by an online reseller.

I'll be getting my Asus G750JW-T4091H today I hope (",)

02-21-2014, 01:02 AM
Sounds more like they are batch numbers than different models.