View Full Version : G75VX with Windows 7 - Keyboard problem

02-21-2014, 10:10 PM
Hi all,

I've had my refurbished G75VX-bhi7n11 since Christmas and I love it. I installed Winodws 7 on it because the winodws 8 key that came on this refurbished product was used too many times.

My problem:
This started a couple weeks ago. Whenever I play games, a few keys on my keyboard type extra functions along with their normal function. The keys that I have a problem with are M, N, J, H, U, and Y. For example: When I press the 'M' key during a game, the computer thinks I pressed 'm' 'v' 'x' and 'enter'. Upon exiting the game, my computer continues to do it until there is less stress on it.
Today I noticed that while it is cooling down and going to a slower state, it will slowly fix itself. For example: After about 30 seconds, instead of pressing all of those buttons noted above, it may only press 'm' and 'v'.

I can't play games like this any more. I can't talk to players in game without typing out gibbersih. Please help me fix this!

Thanks for reading!