View Full Version : My laptop battery charging indicator light is flashing green and orange...WHY

02-23-2014, 11:15 AM
I have been facing a strange issue with my ASUS laptop's battery, when the battery is fully charged, the battery light is blinking Green/Orange (Windows 7 indicates 99%-Non in charge).
To reproduce the issue I did the following,

I tried to unplug the power brick from the wall and let it cool down for a couple hours. Meanwhile my laptop was running on battery mode, which drained out completely after 3 hrs.
Now I plugin the the charger and turned on my laptop, everything looks good but after few hours when the battery is fully charged I see the same issue, the battery LED indicator of my Asus K53E starts blinking again (green/orange).

I fear I might wear down the battery. Is it a problem with battery?? .. charger?? .. adapter??