View Full Version : SSD HDD Issues Please Help

02-23-2014, 03:45 PM
Hello I just recently purchased this pc as an upgrade from my previous home build.. I have never worked with SSD drives before and am having issues. Windows 8 is on the ssd. Which takes up almost all of the drive. Also it has a 3TB SATA drive that was empty. I started installing my games primarily flight sims such as xplane 10. While installing such Items I am noticing the SSD drive getting full. I think there was 10 gb left open on the SSD when I started. Now it is down to 75MB I don't Understand. I am writing to the SATA drive. Can anyone help me please fix this issue. I really don't want to completely reset the pc to factory state and start over. Its almost a whole day job just for the xplane install. Not to mention if I do restart from the beginning I would need to know what to do to prevent a repeat. Thank you all in advance for the help.