View Full Version : Which ssd did you use for you g46vw

02-25-2014, 01:28 AM
Hey guys I've finally decided to get my g46vw an ssd. I've done some research, however I'm pretty nervous about making the wrong buy. Can anyone link me to a 120 gb ssd or msata for my g46vw. Any insight would be appreciated!

02-25-2014, 01:58 PM
I ordered my laptop at HIDevolution and they offered me a "Plextor M5M 128GB mSATA SSD"
But I have to say I dont know much about the differences between other brands etc. This ssd is doing just fine.
I've got this ssd and a 7200 rpm 1TB as secondary disk for all my games and documents etc. I have 2 games installed on the ssd to make sure they run well since they are pvp games but the other games work fine on the 1TB as well.