View Full Version : Im very unsatisfied with my product. I mean, a --lot--- G750JW [solved?]

02-25-2014, 05:11 AM
I thought that this was a high-end laptop. Eh, I was wrong.
I just couldnt get ONE DAY without spending precious hours trying to solve some problem with this laptop.

Ya know.. I bought 20 days ago! Damn.. How come!? Im really thinking about selling it cheap so I can stop this head-aches.

Netio.sys. It restarts EVERYDAY and sometimes, every 20 minutes. Blue screen.
Crazy mouse. Whats with the crazy mouse when using touch pad? Oh come on.
It starts slow, when I click on the desktop with right mouse button it takes like 10 seconds to do something, and in general looks and feels more like a Pentium 4 than an i7 quad-core.
What the hell is wrong with the drivers!? Just CANT re-install the video drivers, error after error!
Seriously? During all day the video was fine, I was able to watch stuff. But when I disconnected from charging, got upstairs to my room to FINALLY rest watching a movie it simply DOESNT WORK. Wha happen? Its laggy, buggy, unwatchable.

That's all.. But I guess its only the beginning, right? Just don't know what else can I expect..

So, format and install windows 7 or buy a mac?

Seriously, I'm tired of being the TI guy and doing google searches for HOURS to solve something... all I ever wanted and expected from this product is to work and I don't mean playing Battlefield 4 in the highest configuration with Crysis on the background.. I mean watching a god damn movie or surfing on the web!

Its 2am, I've been since 23:30 trying to watch my movie before sleep. I`ll have to wake up in 4 hours, I`m really really really stressed, hope someone understands my position and help me out.

Pedro A.

02-25-2014, 03:14 PM
I cant really help you with your problems but all of these things sound like they are OS related.
Define crazy mouse? I have no issues with my mouse pad.
The fact it starts slow might have something to do with the type of harddisk.
I'm running windows 7 on my g46 which is not having any problems at all. I never bothered with windows 8 (if that's what you're running) but that was because I refuse to use the metro style and have heard of compatibility problems for some games etc.

If you bought this laptop for gaming (well, its a gaming laptop) then buying a mac does not seem like an alternative. :p

TJ Hooker
02-25-2014, 04:16 PM
What BIOS version do you have? I think there's a bug in earlier versions where the CPU is stuck running at 0.77GHz when running on battery. Maybe that is what's causing some of your problems?

Also, I think you posted this in the wrong subforum. For help with a G750JW, you'll want to see here:
Edit: Looks like someone moved it to the correct subforum.

02-26-2014, 02:45 AM
I really hope that they're OS related..
Crazy mouse = when not connected to the power and not in a table or flat surface when I put my finger on the touchpad it goes crazy, moving around and clickin with the left and right buttons. If I connect to the powersupply or rest my right wrist on the side of it = it stops.
Yeah yeah.. I bought mostly to edit videos with Sony Vegas (there's no Vegas for Mac..)

@TJ Hooker
My BIOS is the 207. There's a 208 out, I just downloaded but.. how the heck do I upgrade it? Its a .208 file (G750JWAS.208)

Ah.. By now I have absolutely no Display drivers installed.
I've downloaded the latest driver 326.83 and it recognizes I have nothing:

But after some minutes..

I've tried to install DriverSweeper to clean everything and then take ownership of the DriverStore folder but it didnt work.

Resumed questions:
How do I install my nvidia display drivers?
How do I update my BIOS?
Is there any Asus software for easy updating the drivers instead of this ancient manual way?

Thank you guys!
Pedro A.

02-26-2014, 03:20 AM
I've had none of those issues and would suggest you push for a replacement, not RMA. Something screwy with that number of issues.

Call Asus, demand it be taken back and looked at. Wait until they recieve then start calling every day, asking how long and when is a reasonable time for a replacement given its <1 month old.

Sucks man, if it was like this out of the box, I would have called it DOA (as it really does not work) and called Asus immediately.

going to take some work to get it sorted, not IT work, but document every call, email and response.

Good luck.

03-11-2014, 10:59 AM
Thank you guys!
The problem is definitely solved :)

It was just a matter of unistalling the YAC (yet another cleaner).
Fecking firewalls and sh*t, causing conflicts with utorrent leading to a BSOD and impeding the drivers to install/update.

I`m glad I can finally enjoy my laptop.

Yaheeey /o/

Thanks again, you`re all very important :D