View Full Version : G46vw stuck in bios loop, need help

03-03-2014, 10:15 PM
I have a g46vw laptop that crashed a few days ago. It woke from sleep mode to a black screen and has since only allowed me to boot to the bios screen. I've tried to recover it through every combination of bios setting and today flashed the bios to the most recent version. All of my hardware is recognized by my computer, but the POST screen will still not load. Would anybody know how to fix this issue or where I could get support to fix this issue?

03-04-2014, 12:57 AM
Do you have Asus auto update still on your notebook?
In the BIOS can you see your hard drive?
If you can see you hard drive in the BIOS, try hitting the ESC on boot, that should bring up a boot menu, select windows boot manager

http://support.asus.com/ServiceHome.aspx?SLanguage=en, Good luck. PM cl-albert he can be very helpful if you have to RMA.