View Full Version : G75VX 3D display/vision problem

03-06-2014, 09:23 PM
Hi guys,
i have new 3d vision 2 glasses. First time i passed 3d guide in nvidia control panel and 3D work perfectly. In an hour i try glasses again but 3d dont work properly. When i start 3d guide, transmitter and led go on, but in the upper part display shows black places. Stereoscopic videos, images looks between 2d and bad 3d.
I try close display, system go sleep. When i open display, wake up system ohhh black places are gone and 3d work perfectly again. This is the only option how repair 3D viewing and gone black places on monitor. BUT ! I watched an hour stereoscopit movies and 3D is gone again with black places on display :( WHAT TO DO? Sorry for my English ;)

Thank you all

Black places are on fotos ;)

W8 64bit ( i try win 7 - the same problem )
nvidia driver 331.65 ( i try about 6 another drivers - the same problem )
buid 3d transmitter