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03-07-2014, 11:14 PM
I have G750JW DB71CA
Intel Core i7-4700HQ
FHD 17.3"
32GB Corsair Vengeance SODIMM DDR3L PC-12800 (1600MHz) 1.35-1.5V
750GB+750GB HDD
Win 8

I'm planning to buy SSD to replace the onboard 750GB main drive but i'm not an expert, so i have a few question

1. can we use ssd for storage (like split it to few partition) or use it just for booting/system drive (C:\)? for example using 480GB/512GB SSD on the first slot and split it into 2 partitions (C:\ for system and D:\ for storage), then put another 480GB/512GB SSD on the second slot then split it too (E:\ and F:\ both for storage)....cause i heard some people saids don't use ssd for storage, so i really need opinion/advice?

2. i'm an enggineer using autoca* 3D (on my old notebook TOSHI**, intel core i5, 8GBRAM...opening autoca* program take 1minute++ to opens and abot 30s to be in ready state, and rendering 3D design takes "lifetime") so i need to prepare my G750JW for that situation...now on my G750JW, opening autoca* takes plus minus 30s++ to open and additional 30s to be in ready state, i'm not rendering any design yet so i don't know the perform.........does change my HDD to SSD will solve some problems (waiting on app start and rendering 3D design)?

3. for my situation, can i have advice/opinion for SSD brand/spec cause i really need performance?

03-07-2014, 11:27 PM

A SSD will help the load times of most applications, and as I also use ACAD, you well know how large of a program it is. Also, the newer versions (2014 especially) require a lot of total computer resources.

As for how SSDs work, you'll be instantly amazed at how fast they are. They make loading everything from the OS down to every program almost instantaneous. However, the reason people don't do them for major storage (like music or video playback) is that the increase of it is very minimal, and that information isn't always kept for long periods of time; for instance, I'm sure you'll keep your ACAD installation far beyond how long you'll keep a random video.

The best thing for you to do not only for performance but also for a normal cost, is to just keep the 750GB drive where it is, and add into the second bay a SSD.

As for which SSD to get -- as far as I've experienced, you won't be sorry going with any newer version SSD -- Many of them are quite comparable to each other speed wise. One of the front runners being the Samsung 840 Evo. The Samsung 840 Evo just took a huge price drop today also, with Newegg and Amazon having a price war to see who would have it the cheapest. Assuming you are in North America, it's the best time to get the "top rated" SSD out at the moment, at an incredible price.

Your ending storage capacity: 750gb 7200RPM for Movies/Music/Your backed-up ACAD/ACAD Drawings (things that are okay with a "slower" drive), and 120/250/500/750/1tb SSD for your Operating System and Programs (things that are large, and need to flush a large amount of data to the RAM at fast speeds).

Edit: Yes, you can use an SSD for storage -- It's just extremely overkill. Also, there is a good sticky thread for using "ramcache", which will also "speed up your system". My usage is SSD for OS / Programs, HDD for storage, and Ramcache as a "buffer" for stuff being written/recalled from the HDD. But, let the pros on the sticky explain that to you.

03-08-2014, 12:26 AM
I can tell you a brand not to get and that is the ocz vector. A lot of failure rates with this drive. Mine lasted 11 months and had to rma. Though it's a fast drive it's just not reliable.

03-08-2014, 05:29 AM
Grab a Samsung Evo ;d