View Full Version : G750JH - SImply not starting in the morning.

William Twyford
03-11-2014, 05:00 AM

This morning, my G750JH will not start............

Last night, I ran it till the battery drained, watching a movie.

Put it on charge this morning - battery charge light orange,

pressed the powerbutton and I get short flashes on HDD, WLAN & NUMLock indicators. One 0.5 sec longer flash on the power LED.

Have removed the battery, pressed the power button to drain the motherboard, reinserted it and tried again.

The First time I tried this, the laptop loaded, and I was able to log in, checked the battery level, it looked like it was maybe 10-20% and charging, thinking the problem was solved, I made a coffee. When I returned it was dead again.

Have tried to start it without the battery (plugged in) , same result, 0.5 secs of flashing leds.

Tried draining motherboard a number of times, same result.

Think I have tried every combination of the above. With and without battery, with and without power, with and without draining motherboard.

Will try recharging till battery indicator shows full and try again.

Just wondering if it's bricked, and RMA is the only solution, or am I missing something obvious.

Any thoughts appreciated.


Specs are:
512 GB SSD + 1Tb HDD
32GB Ram
Win 8.1 Pro
2 weeks old
Drivers fully updated

03-11-2014, 06:15 PM
My 750JH died on me after 3 months so I guess mine lasted a bit longer! I pressed power button.....black screen....lights would start on the keyboards, but that was it. Nothing else worked. The screen was dead and the fans were going like crazy. Now it's RMA with probably a bad motherboard ! What is going on with these notebooks ? I have read a dozen other thread with dead notebooks.

03-12-2014, 01:10 AM
People have to come somewhere to vent.

Lots of issues pointed out can just show a high volume of units sold, IMO the iphones are pretty good overall and there are thousands (possibly millions) of posts on issues.

This of course does not help you with your issue, good luck.