View Full Version : G73SW with wake-on-LAN enabled wakes immediately from hibernate half the time

J N Winkler
03-11-2014, 09:37 PM
My problem: if I wake my G73SW with wake-on-LAN (using a magic packet), then the next time it is put in hibernation using 'psshutdown -h', it wakes immediately, and then will go back into hibernation for good only if (1) I use the power button to put it back into hibernation, or (2) log in and invoke 'psshutdown -h' again. This problem manifests only if the wake session that is initiated by WOL is followed by an invocation of 'psshutdown -h'; if I use the power button instead, the computer goes into hibernation and stays there.

My G73SW (purchased September 2011) has vanilla Windows 7 Home Premium. 'Psshutdown' is part of the PSTools distribution, which I have installed. The active NIC is the LAN card (Realtek PCIe Family Controller), and its driver is up to date. In the advanced driver settings I have kept "Shutdown Wake-on-LAN" and "Wake on Magic Packet" enabled, "WOL & Shutdown Link Speed" to 10 Mbps first, but disabled "Wake on pattern." I have studied Event Log entries for both the genuine and false hibernate events and haven't found any real difference, except that the false hibernate events are followed by a "Power-Troubleshooter" event (ID 1) with "Wake source: Unknown" (wake events that result from a WOL magic packet are tagged as "Wake source: Realtek PCIe Family Controller"). Nothing I have tried eliminates the false hibernate events without also removing wake-on-LAN functionality.

I would prefer not to stop using 'psshutdown -h' because it is part of an automated backup script that is run nightly. I would also prefer not to disable wake-on-LAN since I need it in order to "phone home" to the computer while travelling without having to keep it running 24/7. Does anyone have any advice for getting WOL and 'psshutdown' to work on a G73SW without these false hibernate events?

I'd be much obliged for any help.