View Full Version : g46vw screen dimming and brightening for no reason?

03-11-2014, 09:59 PM
Hey everyone I have an issue that popped up recently. Whenever I'm playing a video game and my laptop is being charged the screen keeps dimming and brightening back and forth repeatedly for no apparent reason. This only happens while playing a game so if I minimize the game's screen everything's normal. Also this only happens when my laptop is being charged, everything's fine when the charger isn't plugged in and when the charger's plugged in while my laptop is at full power. I think it has something to do with my charger since this started happening when I got a new charger to replace the one that came with my laptop after it broke. Do I just need to get another charger that's the same as the one that comes with g46vw's or is there something that can be tweaked in the power options to fix this? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!