View Full Version : Asus And The G75vw

03-12-2014, 03:31 AM
I have a Asus G75vw, I purchased it less then 8 months ago. Ever since I bought it, It had a freaky Reboot problem. I have seen others with this issue who have sent the Laptop back. And nothing fixed. I can be surfing the web, Doing nothing. This Laptop is taken care of clean as a whistle always. No Overheating issues at all. I have ran many test.You name it I have thrown it at it. And still It has reboot problems. I think A Company like Asus would stand behind a product Like this. Instead They Sale you Crap in a Box. A Good Gaming PC should last 3 yrs before any issues. I was sold on this system Thought it was a winner.Boy was I wrong. I got a rebooting piece of crap. If your reading this asus I And Others Demand a FULL REFUND FROM YOU! If you are one Like me who have had this problem and Nothing was fixed, I say we build this Post till those Jerks at Asus see and hear us. Reply if you have this issue. And don't send me any of your so called fixes.I have tried them all. Thank You. PS Asus Needs to Sale Motherboards. And leave the Gaming Laptops to real Builders.