View Full Version : looking for webcam driver

03-12-2014, 05:59 AM
I have a G75V ROG laptop and I recently upgraded to windows 8.1. since upgrading the webcam did not work so I have uninstalled the driver and now I am looking for a compatible driver, can any one tell me to find a driver ?


03-12-2014, 01:59 PM
I think I'm using the camera driver from the Win 8 Section Asus Support Downloads (http://support.asus.com/download/options.aspx?SLanguage=en&type=1) Virtual Camera is the actual driver.

03-25-2014, 01:59 AM
Can you give me a download link please, the one I got didnt work with windows 8.1

03-25-2014, 12:56 PM
Asus Support Download (http://support.asus.com/download/options.aspx?SLanguage=en&type=1)

04-11-2014, 11:05 AM
Still cant find a camera driver, there is not even a utility driver for G75V. in other models the driver is separate but not there. I am running windows 8.1

04-11-2014, 04:00 PM

ASUS Virtual Camera Utility (The Camera driver must be installed.)
If you want to upgrade your OS from Win 7 to Win 8,to prevent software compatibility issue, please uninstall the older version driver before install the newer version driver
File Size 2,01 (MBytes) 2012.10.18 update

This is the camera driver that I am using with 8.1 Pro MC