View Full Version : G750JX Won't update to latest Broadcom driver

03-12-2014, 08:43 PM
Hi all,

I recently purchased a ROG G750JX-DB71 -- and by recently I mean just a few days ago -- and while it's mostly working, I am having a couple issues I could use some help with. My first issue is that when my G750 is connected to the router at my house wirelessly, if I do anything on it that eats more than a little bandwidth (opening too many tabs at once, streaming video, downloading anything at all) then within seconds everyone in the house gets disconnected from the router. The person plugged into the router doesn't lose connection, though, only the people connected wirelessly.

Now, I suspect this might simply be a case of my wireless card being too new for my fairly outdated router; I have the Broadcom 802.11ac wireless card and my router is an old Linksys WRT160n. We are going to try getting a new router sometime this week, I think. For now, I'm working around the issue by keeping the G750 plugged into a wireless adapter I normally use for my Xbox 360. If anyone has any input about this issue, I'd love to hear it -- if not, I'll just hope getting a new router will do the trick.

Now for my second issue, which is minor, but has me a little worried that maybe something is actually wrong with my wireless card. I can't update to the newest driver on the Asus site for Windows 8.1. The G750 came with Windows 8, and the driver it came with for the card was version, which is the latest one the Asus site had for Windows 8, as well. After updating to 8.1, I attempted to update the wireless card to the latest version for 8.1 from the Asus site, which was version Running the setup in the driver download, however, always is quickly interrupted with the error message 'Error "Update.cpp 1186" has occurred and Setup cannot continue. Trying to install the driver by having Windows check my folders for it doesn't work either, as Windows immediately determines that my driver is already up to date.

Uninstalling the driver beforehand makes no difference, either. The installation fails and the device comes back with driver version, which is interesting, as even though that is a much lower version than the one for 8.1 on the Asus site, it is still higher than the version it started with. Anyway, does anyone have any idea why I can't update my card to the latest driver? Do I need to perhaps update some other drivers before trying to update the wireless card? Or should I be worried that this thing is defective?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.