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03-23-2014, 06:33 AM
Other than an SSD, my 2.5 year old setup is stock - the cheaper $1400 12Gb RAM DVD version - not the $1800 blueray

2 days ago I was watching Netflix and my computer turned off. I have not played any games for about 2 months, but I DID have about 30 firefox tabs open, and Sketchup (a CAD) running, but I am pretty sure this was not actively straining my CPU/GPU - Case was only slightly warm.

I haven't done a whole lot of gaming, maybe 1500 hrs. Sadly it has mainly been a work computer cuz I'm a grown up now. Work does not involve any heavy computing - just web browsing. I only mention this because I don't think I have an overheating issue.

when I push the power button this is what happens: keyboard lights and fan turn on. Keyboard turns off after 1 sec, and fan keeps running indefinitely. When I push the power button it turns off instantly which is unusual as I usually have to hold it down for a sec.

About a month ago random IT guy at coffee shop tells me that the G74 has faulty thermal paste and he offered to fix for me, but I figured he was taking me for a sucker. Now that it's broken I drop it off at a shop, and when I describe the problem, dude tells me that it sounds like my GPU is over heating, and he'll repaste it by the end of the day. BUT when I show up at the end of the day they haven't touched it, so I figure I'll ruin my weekend and fix it myself.

Now I've just finished putting my rig back together, and I'm getting the same results.

I have also removed my second HD and tried different combinations of RAM placement

BTW, If you're comfortable with a screw driver and know how to ground yourself, I recommend these G74S disassembly guides:
Text/pics: http://btoforums.com/showthread.php?t=3525
and video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9reQvIxQvGQ.

The one part I found confusing was the LVDS cable - It comes down from the monitor by the left speaker and plugs in below the left fan. you need to pull it perpendicular to the mb, not parallel - it has a little plastic tab to pull on and feels like you're gonna break it.

MY RANT about Asus
don't send your machine to the repair center unless the only other option is to remove your warranty stickers. Out of the box my fan made noise so I sent it back. Here I am 2.5 years later, opening up my machine for the first time and what do I find?about 20% of the screws are missing, lots of the screws were loose, The thermal paste was very badly removed/excessively re-applied, and They didn't replace the tape holding down the wires. most notably the screw on the motherboard next to the power plug was missing which I suspect is the cause of my plug being loose for the last 2 years. I happen to live about 3 exits away from the repair center on Montague expy, so I ask if they can get me the missing screws today if I stop by. Nope. not an option. I get that it's saturday and there's no technicians there, but what, no janitor? no manager working overtime? they can't even try to call and see? Lol, they couldn't even tell me the stats on the screws so I could go to store and buy them easily. Asus is the worst customer service ever. I was planning on buying another ROG rig, maybe the g76. Now I hope that Lenovo has something for gaming by then - they have excellent customer service.

04-10-2014, 08:12 PM

This might help YOU as well, I mean the magnet thing... since you've tried the other possible solutions discussed in this thread.