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03-24-2014, 12:15 AM
Im starting to get the blue screen error and my laptop is just 2 years old. so i'm thinking of changing the hard drives and adding some ram just would need help with what is compatible with my laptops any help would be grateful thanks.

03-24-2014, 12:58 AM
I have no idea what might be causing your bluescreen, but
regarding hard drives, I seriously recommend getting a SSD instead and installing Windows onto it.

For RAM, i recommend downloading CPU-Z. Check your memory timings and frequency and match it with the new one(s) you're buying.
For me on my G75VW, I have 2x 4gb CL11 at 1600 MHz in Dual-channel (800+800 MHz).
I don't think it matters all that much who made the module (besides personal preference). But don't take my word for it. Research it if your not sure.
Anyways I've just installed 2x 4gb Kingston DDR3's with the same specifications as my stock Hyundai ones and they work like a charm.

Just search these forums or anywhere. There's tons of information :)

03-24-2014, 07:15 PM
I 2nd the Get an SSD, you can use your old hard drive for storage unless it's failing, in that case check the warranty Asus may have run out but most manufactures have at least 3 year warranty. Back up your data NOW.
Blue Screen may or may not be caused by failing hard drive. One thing for sure if you haven't reinstalled your OS in 2 years a Clean install will probably solve your problems.
You can find on the hard drives manufacture web site will have a free tool to test your Hard Drive, you should do this right after you back up your DATA.
Hwifo64 (http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/hwinfo64.html) will show you all the data on your hard drive Brand Name model etc. It will also show you what your RAM Timing and Voltages is Should be 1.5 V and timing CAS 11 , Also for installing a new SSD or Clean install check out this thread (http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?28758-GUIDE-G55-G75-Upgrade-Notes&country=&status=) Good Luck and come back if you need more advise.

If you want to try to solve you BlueScreen (http://www.eightforums.com/bsod-crashes-debugging/10685-blue-screen-death-bsod-posting-instructions.html)problem

03-25-2014, 02:04 AM
Thanks guys I think I will try and reinstall my OS and if I continue to receive the issue ill change hard drive

03-25-2014, 02:14 AM
It seems to be a hard drive issue if I replace the current hard drive my windows is pre configured on the hard drive will I be able to transfer that or will I have to buy a windows cd and find all my drivers manualy?

03-25-2014, 12:54 PM
You can try to Clone it with Macrium Reflect (http://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.aspx), but since your hard drive is failing chances are you won't be successful. However I have in the past succeeded Cloning MBR hard disk that were failing, so it might be worth a try.
I would indeed test your hard drive with the tools supplied by the manufacture as it is probably still in warranty, while you may not want to wait to get your NB ruing again you still could get a replacement from the manufacture to use with your new one the replacement could be used as a 2nd drive or put in a external Case for a external Back up drive. Just a thought
If you can afford it a SSD is far faster and they appear to be more reliable than hard drives

03-26-2014, 02:42 PM
Im starting to get the blue screen error and my laptop is just 2 years old. so i'm thinking of changing the hard drives and adding some ram just would need help with what is compatible with my laptops any help would be grateful thanks.

Re-install the OS first.... Not the hard drive. Most Blue screens are caused by one of two things... Drivers corruption in Windows OR hardware failure.

Make sure you have also opened up the unit and cleaned out BOTH FANS filters! if the unit is over heating this will ALSO cause the problem.

Finally, if these do not fix the BSOD, you need to contact Asus because it is a much more serious problem than you can fix and has nothing to do with the hard drive.

03-26-2014, 06:11 PM
Thanks pretty sure its an hard drive issue when i get the blue screen the system restarts and comes to a screen please select boot drive. than i manuly power off and than power on and choose boot windows normal.

And with Macrium Reflect can i just clone the recovery partition or do i have to clone the whole hard drive?? im doing a factory default on my laptop tonight when i get home, i just finshed backing up all my data yesterday and i have ordered the WD Black 2 120 SSD 1 TB HDD will get it thursday. whats the best way to proceed here ?

03-26-2014, 10:48 PM
Clone the whole disk All partitions, if you can. Otherwise you'll have to clean install. Put you new hard drive into slot 0 your old hard drive into Slot 1 then boot up with the bootable media you created with Reflect, and clone your old hard drive to your new hard drive. At the end shut down and remove your old hard drive. Your new hard drive should boot and become your default boot. If you don't clone the whole disk it will not boot.

03-27-2014, 12:45 AM
Thank you I will try that and give you the news

03-28-2014, 09:51 AM
Ok so I got my new hard drive installed it and everything when I try to clone my partitions I get a disk error on certain points of the clone because those parts are on readable

03-28-2014, 01:51 PM
Yea that can happen with a failing disk sometime you get lucky and the copy disk Clone thing will bail you out. Looks like you'll be doing a clean install. hope you had your data backed up.

03-28-2014, 06:31 PM
Yeah i backed up my data. I just wanna know if i just clone the recovery partition without errors and put it on a usb stick and just boot from the usb will it run the recovery and put back my pc to default ? or do i need to clone the whole partition?

03-28-2014, 08:38 PM
I wouldn't even worry about it, just clean install win 7 HP 64bit and you won't have to try to get rid of all the Asus Bloat. If you don't have a disk you can easily download the ISO from Digital River (http://www.w7forums.com/threads/official-windows-7-sp1-iso-image-downloads.12325/) Download your Drivers from Asus Support Dowload (http://support.asus.com/Download.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=G75VW&p=3&s=388)
Check out this Thread for Guides and Notes (http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?28758-GUIDE-G55-G75-Upgrade-Notes&country=&status=) Win 7 is very easy to clean install.