View Full Version : GPU clicking g74sx

03-24-2014, 11:32 PM
so, I bought a used g74sx, my second one. I have only been browsing the web with it, and have noticed that the GPU sound like it's working really hard whenever i scroll up/down, or whenever a large portion of the screen is changing. The clicking is loudest where the HDMI port is. I just took apart my last g74, so I'm pretty sure this is the side with the GPU, unless I'm being dyslexic.

temp is fine. 36-40C

I'm at work so I can't really play a full screen video, but I put on youtube fo a minute, and the temp went up to 41C with full screen - no effect with video in window, BUT the clicking is notable with video playing

Is this something to worry about? I did not have this issue with my 1st g74sx.

05-12-2014, 03:32 AM
Could it be the charger clicking?, if so replace power cord with one with a plastic ground pin.