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04-01-2014, 08:38 PM

i wonder if i find somebody experienced which will be able to help me with following problem. I have laptop G74SX-TZ195V which originaly came with Intel Core i5 2430M. I upgraded this laptop with CPU Intel Core i7 2760QM.

- To ensure that i will keep temperatures down i used collaboratory liquid metal pads for notebooks and temperatures never crossed 69 celsius (under CPU and GPU load - for example tried with Crysis 3 or Starcraft 2 HOS 200units and Ultra detail settings, FURMARK, windows experience index, F1 2013) but failed with shut down OF PSU.

-laptop originaly came with 120W PSU

which i already exchanged for 150W PSU (genuine part for G74SX) unfortunately PSU exchange did not solve problem which appeared on previous PSU either - shut down under high load.

CPU have turbo boost feature from 2,4-3,5GHz and i noticed during testing when i limited multiplier with Throttlestop to 27T (2,7GHz) computer was able to run pretty stable, but everything basicaly from 2,8 - 3,5GHz was unstable and from unknown reason caused PSU shut down - yes PSU not laptop! (with battery plugged laptop keep running) - temperatures not higher than 69, GPU not overclocked. I estimate that some of the safety mechanics on motherboard purposely shortcuting PSU circuit which causing his shut down.

iam using modified BIOS from this thread (G74SX_AES_Throttle-Fix.zip)


Do somebody have idea what i can possibly do to stop it? i tried to google it and found plenty of people which upgraded G74SX with i7 2760QM but nobody from them mentioned similar problem.

04-01-2014, 09:56 PM
Sorry, don't know too much about this issue or how safe it is, but if you want to try an even larger power supply, the G750JW/JX or G75VW 180w power supply will unofficially still work with your G74Sx.

Hopefully you know someone with those notebooks/180w adapter that will let you try it?

04-02-2014, 12:30 PM
Unfortunately there is nobody around to let me try 180W PSU unless i will buy it. Iam considering your solution hard as there are some differences between 120W and 150W PSUs. For example on 150W PSU games or tests are able last slightly longer than on 120W PSU. But still at the end result is same (when CPU reach 2,8-3,5GHz) - PSU shut down on impuls from motherboard. Iam not sure though if that would be the solution...

Anyway if anyone have experience with high/low-voltage on CPU and BIOS power management setting paste your experience here. It may be the case.

I have suspicion on power conspution either while previous procesor were at 11,5-20W the i7 2760QM is around 50-60W (screenshot from throttlestop while performing Windows experience index - few seconds after it PSU crashed)

same result is when i did not set multiplier

i havent found anything about i7 2760QM CPU desktop version which have some extra power consuption.