View Full Version : G75VW - slow performance

04-01-2014, 09:41 PM
Hello RoG owners! 1st of all I have to say I have lots of RoG products but this one is my 1st with problems. My g75vw has one big issue. I was using this laptop only for travelling, music, movies and playing a lot of supaplex ( yeah lol ). Today , after 8 monts of ownership I wanted to play CS:GO and Dota2 but is SLOW. I barelly have 20 fps with everything on very low, low resolution. Plugged in socket, set High Performance in every posible tab from drivers and power options. I`ve spoken with a guy from warranty and he said to set the nvidia gpu to kick in when i`m playing instead of the Intel HD Graphics. Easy, looked on internet, one setting necesary, but that setting doesn`t exist ! I don`t have the option to choose the GPU from nvidia drivers, the laptop doesn`t recognize any intel hd graphics in him, when I make a right click on desktop, some users had some options about intel hd graphics gpu ( which I don`t ) and when I want to install intel hd graphics drivers sais that my laptop doesn`t one. What the hell?
CPU : i7 3630QM
GPU : GTX 670M
RAM : 16 GBDDR3 1600MHZ
SSD : 128gb