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04-03-2014, 08:01 AM

I know there has been treads about this before with, but with no solutions therefor I try again.

For some reason neither my WD passport nor my MyBook essential is recognised when connection to my G750JX.
Personally I believe that is a driver issue since it worked earlier (early Feb) (on same setup). It might be some MS update that ruined everything, but I haven't been able to locate/isolate it. Its quite frustration since now non of my USB ports recognise my drives... I've been in contact with Asus support and they said I have to ship my unit to them for further investigation. Unfortunately I cant be without my G750 right now so that's not an option.

Are there still others that experience problems with the USB ports? Or has someone found a solution?


04-03-2014, 10:12 AM
Does anything in your USB's work? Like a mouse? If not then your USB's may have malfunctioned.

Give this a shot;

Boot up your laptop, (of course you're reading this), open a few programs to make sure your laptop stays on during the following process.

Hold down your power button, don't just press it.. you need to press and HOLD it down for 10 seconds or until your laptop dies and turns off.

Once you've done so, turn it back on. Make sure your USB's aren't being used, they all need to be empty, no USB's in the laptop.

Once you're on your desktop, plug in a mouse, or USB thumb drive to test.

Good luck

04-03-2014, 11:11 AM

Why did that work?

For the record. All my USB thumb drives and mouse has always been working.
And I've actually tried to take out the battery and start the laptop to empty it completely before, but that was on the old drivers.
Yesterday I noticed that the USB controller still had even tough I've updated with the latest. So I did a "Create a desktop shortcut of the setup exe. Right click on the shortcut and add -overall to the target line after .exe" -overall" routine which asked for a reboot. The controller got updated and I did not think that a complete shutdown was necessary.