View Full Version : Interesting Find, What seems to be a G46VR Motherboard?

04-05-2014, 12:47 AM
Doing some searching as I wait for Asus to release a new version of the G46VW..... I came across this.. The motherboard is clearly labeled "G46VR REV 1.0" I also noticed a couple things; one being the traces for the thunerbolt chip are not longer present as they were in ALL revisions of the G46VW motherboard. (pictures below) Also, the GPU die seems to be a bit larger than the G46VW. Can't make out what the chip says but I'm also temped to buy this since it looks like the same exact layout as the G46VW. Another thing, the mSATA slot has 2 posts and the ITE (Embedded controller) is between the two posts. This is clearly another model motherboard all together.


EDIT: ooops here is the link I found it at http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-for-Asus-G46VR-Motherboard-orignal-mainboard-fully-tested-100-good-work-45days-warranty/1715121277.html

EDIT AGAIN: also what do you guys think of this? It seems to have a thunderbolt chip on it.. do you think the Rev 1.2 actually came with thunderbolt or this picture lying.. I really want to buy it...


Here is a listing that states it has a GTX 760M : http://www.aliexpress.com/item/intel-non-integrated-laptop-motherboard-with-GTX760M-vga-chipest-for-G46VR/1497574282.html

Picture they sent me when I asked them about the thunderbolt chip..


02-11-2016, 11:59 PM
I actually bought one of these G46VR motherboards and installed it into my G46VW. Well it powered on and booted into windows. All seemed ok except the Nvidia GPU was not detected. It did show an unknown device in Device manager. I had to modify the Nvidia drivers to force detect the unknown device id of the unknown device and detected it as a GTX760. Well at that moment I fired up a game and it was working. I benchmarked the game and it was definitely performing faster that the GTX660. So there was one problem, while in windows, the screen would flicker almost like a loose video connector. The only way to stop the flickering was to uninstall the Nvidia drivers or disable the Intel HD4000 driver in device manager. I tried then flashing a modified version of the BIOS to hopefully update the system and possibly fix the issue but the flash failed and now it is bricked. So back in with G46VW motherboard, Oh Well.