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04-06-2014, 06:30 PM

04-09-2014, 06:03 PM
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1. For the random freezing issue, if you have or still have options for refund or exchange through your store, keep an eye on this deadline, but it's a good idea to do more troubleshooting first to make sure everything is okay on your end if there is time.

2. I'll just discuss the freezing issue, but just wanted to confirm it is a hardware or software issue for now.
Once you determine it's a hardware problem, you may just send it back to get it taken care of.
Unfortunately, it will usually be tougher to troubleshoot and solve if the problem is random since whomever you send it to may decide everything is okay if they can't catch it.

a. If you know how, you may want to check your cpu and vga card temperatures to make sure they look okay.

b. Since you mentioned it often freezes during Windows Updates, you might also want to notice if it makes any difference if you are using a wireless or wired LAN connection and check if the problem may be related to that hardware.

c. You may not be able to or want to try this, but consider erasing everything and recovering Windows back to the factory new condition if it will not be too painful.
If you still see the freezing before installing any other programs, it would point to some problem with the hardware.

Since your software is not too complicated, you may have already decided it should be a hardware problem without going through all this, but it's just a way to be even 'more sure' although maybe not always necessary.

d. If you can find a way make the system freeze up, it's a good idea to pass this along if you send back the notebook so that the problem will not be missed.

Anyway, hope this helps and feel free to discuss more with me if you're interested, or ask for more opinions too.
Good luck!