View Full Version : G75vw and its famous Black Screen on boot up...

04-07-2014, 06:23 AM

So I have been cursed with the Black Screen when booting up. I read about a BIOS bug causing this problem.
When powering on the screen stays black, but windows starts in the background. Ive tried to connect external displays, both via HDMI and VGA - no joy.

So I wonder what Ill do next. The computer is bought second hand thus no receipt nor a date when it was bought. So getting it on warranty might be a tough one. So what options do I have now?

Im not sure if the actual problem IS the BIOS-bug, but the symptoms is alike. How can I be certain?

Is the easiest way to just replace the motherboard?

04-09-2014, 04:41 PM

1. There can be different reasons for seeing a black screen on boot up including software or hardware problems.
Try tapping 'F2' as soon as you power on the notebook to get into the bios and check if you are able to get anything on the external monitor. Press Fn+F8 too to check if this makes any difference.
If you're running Win7, try tapping 'F8' instead of 'F2' after you power up to try to get into Windows safe mode and see if you can get a display there.

2. If it appears to be a hardware problem and you haven't already, you may still want to contact your local ASUS support to confirm if you have any warranty left:

You might want to also discuss with your local ASUS support about what would be involved for out-of-warranty service if you have any interest in this.

3. If you hear Windows starting up, this doesn't sound like a typical BIOS issue since customers don't usually get this far with a dead bios.
There may be a chance the problem you are seeing is still related to the bios, but if it isn't, it's possible you can make the problems worse if something goes wrong while trying to flash/re-flash the bios, etc.

Actually, the problem you are encountering could be related to your vga card, so I'm hesitant about having you try a bios flash and taking a chance on killing your motherboard too.

If you're out-of-warranty and don't want to spend any money to fix it, we can discuss trying to reflash the bios if you're interested, but you probably want to look at other options first.

Hope this helps.

04-09-2014, 04:53 PM
well, I got my first ever "black-screen" a few days ago.

tried changing Diablo 3 RoS to windowed Borderless mode.

boom black screen. reboot, black screen. shut down black screen.. you get it.

nothing helped until I took out the Battery. then it worked fine ;)

it can be replicated. don't know about the new 337.50 BETA drivers. not bothering with it again.