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04-11-2014, 10:43 PM

I have a massive problem with my laptop.
I recently installed windows 7, And i could play cs 1.6 find and also lol and wow. But after i installed turbo booster and hit High preformace, Then every thing seems to go wrong. My fps is on cs 1.6 20 fps. on LoL its 1fps. and wow is 1fps aswell.

After this in reinstall the windows 7 again!
Then with no problem at all. could go with LoL at 60 + fps and cs 1.6 100 fps all the time, And cs:go for around 50/70 fps.
Untill now.

Now i have the same 1 fps in LOL and the same fps in cs 1.6. And cs:go i cant even play at all.
And when i did the windows experience update to check what it said.
Then its shows this ->

Processor : calculations per secounds 3.3
Memory (RAM) : Memory oporation per secound 7.2
Graphics : Desktop preformance per secounds 2.9
Gaming graphics : 3D gaming 6.6
Harddrive : Disk data transfer 6.5

When i googled this computer index preformance i did not see anything like that i had on my windows index. They had much better with the same gear that i have in this computer.

So this is what i have in this computer.
Intel i7 2670QM
Ram : DDR3 8 GIG 1333hz.
Nvidia Geforce 560M 3Gb DDR5
Harddrive 500 Gb.

So my question is.
How can this computer be running so slow? And i can't even play 1 singel game just watch some videos and stuff and surf the internet nothing more or less! I got the newest driver to my geforce and all the drivers from the asus site aswell.
But still the same!

I hope some one can help me here!
And sorry for bad english!