View Full Version : Need help to buy the correct RAM for soon-to-be my G750.

Master Po
04-14-2014, 10:46 AM

That's it, so perhaps someone could help me out here with buying RAM and what size, how many, etc? :confused:

04-14-2014, 10:48 AM
Hi Master Po,

I think this thread will answer all your questions http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?33744-Upgraders-1.35V-memory-is-required!&country=&status=

Master Po
04-14-2014, 10:59 AM

But it says I need 1.35v - but every RAM you can buy says 1.35v/1.5v (both in same ram? *confused*):|

04-14-2014, 11:38 AM
The thing is that there are several types of ram voltage - 1.35 and 1.5. As far as I'm aware lower is always better, when buying your RAM's make sure that their voltage type is 1.35v because in the long run with 1.5v rams can cause quite a few problems to your g750.

And no, there is no such 1.35 and 1.5 RAM, they can only have one type of voltage. Use this type of website where you can select your laptop model and it will filter the correct RAM's for you http://www.mrmemory.co.uk/

Hope I helped and good luck!

Master Po
04-14-2014, 11:58 AM
Kingston DDR3L, 1333MHz, ECC, CL9, 1.35V or 2x Crucial DDR3 SO-DIMM 1333MHz 8GB CL9.

(Btw, couldn't find the JZ model on that site)