View Full Version : G75VW system randomly sleeping

04-16-2014, 10:10 AM
My G75 will be two years old in october. The entire time I've had it I've had very few issues. It has always been set up as a workstation (lid closed, hooked up to hdmi monitor, usb kb/mouse).

Because of how it is setup, my power settings have always been customized as a workstation, it is never allowed to sleep or hibernate under any circumstances, when I am not in my office it remains shut down. For almost two years now this has been working fine without incident.

Four days ago I experienced a random "sleep" unexpectedly while working. The screen went black and I had to lift the lid and press the power button twice to get it resumed... This is very strange behavior, temperatures are as they always are so no overheating. I checked power settings to make sure nothing had changed and found them to be the same as always.

After resuming (and some searching on here), due to my bios being 207 it will shutdown on its own about 10 minutes after resuming from sleep. I can fix that if I want, but I don't really care... the system isn't supposed to sleep at all. Since that it has happened every day now and is becoming increasingly frustrating.

Checking even logs reveals the system is going into "sleep".

I uninstalled powergear and recreated a new power profile, but the problem persists at least once a day.

Anyone have any ideas? Even if it was powergear that wouldn't explain how it was never doing this for two years... I'm lost/frustrated.