View Full Version : G51-JX-A1 issues (keyboard & sound)

04-18-2014, 02:18 PM
G51-JX-A1 issues (keyboard & sound)

I have a G51-JX-A1 laptop and I have a couple questions/issues. When I start the computer up on the "gaming" side the laptop keyboard does not work. Also can anyone direct me on if it's possible to find installed games on this side?

The other issue I have is the volume on this computer is extremely low. I had the problem fixed before by changing the environment settings in the sound settings to "live" however, Since the computer was reformatted and updated I no longer have this option.

To clarify- The games are installed, the games work on the OS side. The keyboard works on the OS side but not the gaming side. The sound is very low on both sides at full volume can barely hear. I can hear great with a headset - just not through the speakers.

Any information I could get on these 2 issues I would appreciate.


04-21-2014, 01:28 AM
bump for help :D

04-21-2014, 02:15 AM
My question is:

Is the OS the version that comes with the laptop ?
coz usually, when these source of problems occur, its when OS has been re-stalled or upgraded.

Try re-installing the ATK Package & ATK Hotkey & KBFilter & Audio Driver