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04-29-2014, 06:30 AM
Hey there!!

I just bought an ASUS G750 JH - T4045D free dos. Location Greece

The machine is a beast but i have some issues

FIrst of all i dont know if the BIOS of this specific model is old or cracked (203 edition) but on BIOS MENU i dont have the option of the INTEL(R) RAPID STORAGE ----last option on the list. I simply dont!!

So my question is what i have to do in order for the option to appear! Also after booting on CTR+I option i cant click on <CREATE RAPID STORAGE> . I can delete, but cant create. I can figure out that i have some problems with drivers.

I installed windows 7 pro on SSD (2*128) but i had to remove the 1TB HHD. Now both working correct but i still not sure if the
RAID 0 works. How can i check this also?

Second thing is that after BIOS and before windows loading, i have a blue line on top of the screen with some red dot details.
Pretty annoying for a new machine.!cant understand what is this also

If anyone know how to fix my BIOS/RAID0-SSD problem and maybe red dots i would appreciate it!!

thank you in advance.


Prostar Computer
04-29-2014, 09:20 PM

Are you thinking of Intel Smart Response? In any case, I don't recall Asus including that into their BIOS setup utility. You need to select "RAID" if it's available in BIOS. Save the change, exit, and then enter the RAID setup utility. See if you can create a RAID array then.

Can you take a picture of the "blue line with red dot details" and post it? I think I know what you're referring to (it sounds like RAID is already enabled in BIOS) but want to make certain.