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05-02-2014, 02:32 PM
In search for the perfect laptop for video editing, I have come to have hands on 4 G750 JM units, and just received my first JS unit. Below I will be posting benchmarks ran between the two.

Reasons for the 4 JM units, Unit #1 overheating 100-105c, Unit #2-3 subpar build quality and screen issues, Unit #4 subpar build quality, thermals, and keyboard button issues.

So far JS is 12 hours old. Great keyboard and build quality, just like my first JM. Thermals, TBD.

**NOTE** This is my first (and hopefully last) JS series, so if temps or anything are different than yours, please post. As far as the JM are conserned, I feel that they should be very accurate, since I've did the same on 4 now.

Quick notes between the two.
They are both the same laptop, only thing different is the GPU (and ssd or lack of ssd) Which by the way is sandisk slow crap ssd.
The JS seems to idle warmer than the JM, both GPU and CPU. Cpu upon boot at 4-8% cpu will run 50-55c. Whereas the JM will sit around 40-45c. This is same CPU, not sure why my temps are higher. Overall fan noise on the JS, on average, is about on par with the JM, while the JM is under max load. Both the cpu/gpu fans on the JM only got more than the faintest bit noticeable when I was gaming or stressing. And gaming it wasn't bad, nor stressing. The JS, runs warm, fan noise is noticeable on cpu idle, throw 5 chrome pages and its where the JM was at full stress. Full stress on JS and its loud, when I say loud I don't mean ubnoxious, but it is loud. GPU noise, on JM even when stress or gaming is very quiet/maybe noticeable. GPU on JS, well its definitely noticeable, and can get loud, again loud is not obnoxious.

Now sadly, up to this point, I've only ran Titanfall on both laptops, which isn't a good game to compare laptops on. It limits fps at 60. But I can play high on the JM with all goodies on at 60fps and no problems, turned up to insane on the JS, and it plays like the JM on high. No complaints on either laptop.

*Now for benchmarking/testing, all drivers are the same, windows profiles the same, settings the same, power plans the same*

JM - 38-42c (avg)
JS - 46-50c (avg)

Furmark - 1080p, preset 15min burnin
JM - 12FPS, GPU 63c, fan noise very minimal (had to almost put ear to rear fan exhaust to hear it)
JS - 22FPS, GPU 85c, fan noise audible from 5-10ft away (not abnoxious)

Furmark Benchmark - 720p preset/1080p preset
JM - 31FPS (63c)/21FPS (64c)
JS - 37FPS (78c)/21FPS (86c)

Kombuster Preset 1080p
JM – 55c, 182FPS
JS – 72c, 249FPS

Kombuster OpenGL3
JM – 67c, 34FPS
JS – 85c, 45FPS

Kombuster Direct3D11
JM – 66c, 31FPS
JS – 81c, 40FPS

PCMark 8
Firestrike 1.1
JM – Score 4058, Graphics 4360, Physics 8781, Combined 1745
JS – Score 4390, Graphics 4783, Physics 8705, Combined 1861

Cloud Gate
JM – Score 16486, Graphics 31195, Physics 6221
JS – Score 16430, Graphics 31492, Physics 6145

JM – Score 105968, Graphics 193898, Physics 40959
JS – Score 101497, Graphics 176001, Physics 40900

Really surprised by the PCMark8 test, the JM actually consistently beat out the JS in icestorm, and the rest of the benchmarks showed little difference between the two. Another big thing is the furmark tests also show very minimal differences between the two chips. Kombuster shows average 10fps gain to be had on the JS.

So, my final thoughts, the JS is definitely not worth the upgrade over the JM. The 860m with Maxwell is a very efficient chip. It benches very close and passes the 870m in some cases, and gaming wise your looking at a 10fps difference. The 860m plays any newer game at high settings without problems, and runs 20c lower than the ‘upgraded’ 870m.

Any thoughts, comments, or personal benchmarks please comment.
*Note* I didn’t save test scores, wrote them on paper. I 100% am providing accurate information in which I received from running the above tests. Not trying to gain anything here so no reason to lie, just trying to help anyone reading.

05-02-2014, 03:27 PM
Well, just played COD Ghosts online multiplayer. Fraps doesn't work in game anymore, noticed that a month or so ago, so cant give you any frames there. Can tell you it was good, used nividia optimized settings. GPU ran 78c.

Also noticed, via msi afterburner and asus gpu tweak, that it states my gpu has 2gb ram, downloaded hw info and that shows 2gb as well. Weird, but new cards so driver info and such probably isn't updated in those programs yet.

Downloading BF4 right now, last time I check (I sucked very badly at it, haha) fraps still worked in game. So when its finished ill update with stats from that game as well.

Brought back the JM to best buy so cant compare the two any more, but ill keep going with the JS, SO WINK WINK, anyone with a JM would be nice to have some more stats coming in. Plus anyone lucky enough to have and keep a 880m JZ model would be nice as well.

**side note, also noticed my 'subwoofer' (joke) crackles and stuff in game. Turned on iTunes and cracks then to. I used the audio wizard tool and have it set up for multimedia with base at like setting 1 so idk.

05-02-2014, 03:40 PM
Alright, well BF4, I put on standard high settings (it was my first launch so I couldn't NVidia configure it yet). Game averaged 45FPS with easy dips down to 30FPS. So not bad, but probably going to need to lower other settings to play on high, or play on medium. Thought that a 870m would've put a bigger dent into that game.

05-02-2014, 04:17 PM
you are sure you drivers are the last ? laptopvideo2go is your friend to get the last beta work on your lappie. I feel the 870M isnt showing its potential at all.
Saw videos of Ultra BF4 with the JS steady 60fps else there is some smoke or s.th (45fps mini)..

05-02-2014, 07:11 PM
Keep in mind while the G750 has 2 fans, the heatpipes are shared if Im not mistaken, so even though the CPU is the same, the GPU is not in the JM vs JS, so the 2 will show different CPU temps because of the shared heatpipes that run to the CPU/GPU.

EDIT: Errr, I may be mistaken. I cant really tell from dis assembly video's on youtube if the 2 share the heatpipes.
It could also be a bad paste job on one over the other. No 2 laptops are going to be identical on heat dissipation.

05-02-2014, 07:54 PM
Heat pipes are completely separate between the cpu and gpu. So an extensive cpu load has no effect on the gpu temps. And likewise, a highly extensive GPU load has no effect on the CPU. Except for the fact theres really no pure GPU load, CPU still has some weight to pull, but reguardless, the two have no effect on the other.

As far as the drivers and performance of the 870m. Yes, drivers are all brand new. I think the fact that the 870m was last to ship, and theres still minimal true support for 800m series at all, things will only get better. But yes, I ran BF4 at high and got 40-60 fps. After I closed and went into NVidia experience panel I set global settings, which surprisingly was ultra. So, I haven't had a chance to mingle with that yet but will repost.

I just got back from post office, got my new Samsung evo 500gb drive to replace the sandisk crap that came stock. So now I have 500gb evo for OS, 1tb evo for data storage, and picked up 2 external 2.5 usb3.0 enclosures for the stock sandisk ssd, and for my other 250gb evo. So, hopefully usb3.0 doesn't bottleneck which I don't think it should. Tough to find thunderport external enclosures, minus the $200 that come with a hhd inside already. What a waste. Why buy and pay more for thunderport only to include a 5400 rpm mechanical hhd with 100mbps write/read anyway, complete waste. Maybe daisy chain like 10 of them, haha, then get 1000 mbps, with 10 fricken drives.

05-02-2014, 09:10 PM
To update, the sandisk ssd that comes stock in the JS models, isn't a normal 2.5" ssd. Its a m.2 ssd on a board, screwed into the top of the hhd bracket. Its only a single m.2 unit, big shock when I opened that up. But reguardless, it fit into my external enclosure, just had to stick more foam tape since the board it sits on it very thin compared to the normal 7mm ssd's.